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Give Your Customers Options During Pet Dental Health Month

February is Pet Dental Health Month, the purrfect time to educate your customers on the importance of caring for their pets’ smiles at home.

With 70% percent of cats and 80% of dogs showing signs of gum disease by age 3, starting a dental routine early can pay off. It can reverse the early stages of gingivitis before it progresses into advanced periodontal disease, saving pet parents from expensive vet bills and even adding years to their pets’ lives.

Just like every pet, every pet parent is unique. That’s why Oxyfresh is here to help you serve ALL your customers with 3 fantastic pet dental care options. Each product is formulated with our exclusive ingredient Oxygene®, which eliminates bad breath-causing bacteria and helps fight plaque and tartar.

For pet parents who want the easiest dental routine possible, they’ll love Oxyfresh Pet Dental Water Additive. Just add 1 capful of solution each day into the pet’s water bowl or fountain. Unlike other products, our unique formula is tasteless and odorless so even the pickiest dogs and cats will love it.

For fresh breath on the go, recommend Oxyfresh Pet Dental Spray. Zinc is added to this special formula for fast, effective protection against pesky bad breath. No mint, clove or other ingredients that only COVER UP bad breath rather than eliminating it altogether.

And for pet parents who want to try pet tooth brushing, we have our incredible Pet Dental Gel Toothpaste. Not only does it have Oxygene® to fight plaque, tartar and bad breath, but we also added aloe to help soothe the gums. This amazing flavor-free gel can even be applied straight to the gums with a finger if brushing is a no-go.

People love having options when it comes to their pets, so enjoy all these fantastic Oxyfresh products and let’s get those pet smiles in shape during Pet Dental Health Month!



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