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The Holidays Are Messy ... Help Your Customers Be Prepared

Walkin’ in a winter wonderland with our dogs is always a fun part of the season. But the stinky carpets, crates and wet dog smells that linger? Those definitely don’t inspire snuggles and pet mistletoe kisses.

So help your customers get rid of those stinky pet smells this holiday season with Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer.

More and more people are saying goodbye to scented candles, plug-ins and sprays in favor of safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly options. Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer is a 2020 Family Choice Award Winner that’s trusted to instantly get rid of offending pet odors without polluting the indoor air. No phthalates, no scents, no harsh chemicals!

Our exclusive odor-neutralizer Oxygene® is what launches this product straight to the top of the “nice list.” Rather than masking odors with synthetic fragrances, Oxygene® eliminates the odors completely through the gentle power of oxidation. No byproducts are produced in this process.

You love helping solve your customers' pet problems, like stinky odors in their homes. And we’re here to support you in those efforts. Guess you could say we go together like milk and cookies.

Happy (and fresh!) holidays from all of us at Oxyfresh.

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