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Cavity Protection Fluoride Toothpaste
Annette Nolan (Tallahassee, US)
Happy Mouth

I love the oxyfresh toothpaste and mouth wash. I had trouble with a lot of "ulcers" in my mouth every time I went to the dentist. My dentist got me to try Oxyfresh to see if it would help the ulcers. I'm Happy Mouth since I do not have ulcers after brushing or a dental appointment.

Pet Dental Water Additive
tracy west (Parker, US)

Keeps my dogs teeth white but does not help with bad breath

Pet Dental Water Additive
John Palinsky (Oklahoma City, US)

Pet Dental Water Additive

Vitality The Ultimate Vitamin Capsule
carla stirling (Half Moon Bay, US)
Love it!

Feeling much more energetic!

Outdoor Adventure Water Bowl
Joan Fitzgerald (Manchester, US)
Joanie’s review

Gifted this to a friend and she was thrilled!

Pro Formula Cosmetic Fresh Mint Mouthwash
Daret Escoe (Douglasville, US)

Everything went well. Timely delivery!

Pet Dental Water Additive
Alex F. (Hilliard, US)

I used this product for 11 years by now. I add it to my cat's water fountain. It's great! Very easy to use, my cat is happy and we are happy - she never has any bad breath and her teeth are very healthy (touch wood:). No need to rub anything on her gums!

Heavenly Face and Body Wash
Anita Tjepkes (Estherville, US)

Love the products

Face and Body Wash Bundle
Karen Sapra - Alpharetta, GA / Customer since 1993 (Alpharetta, US)
Cleansing Gele

This is the best shower/bath gele I've ever used. It is perfect for sensitive skin and doesn't leave a residue on my skin or in the tub or shower. It also doesn't leave my skin dry. Now, if Oxyfresh could only bring back their hand/body lotion!

Pet Dental Water Additive
todd skillman (Aurora, US)
Great product

Really helps keep their breath not smelling like dog breath.

Dog bowl

It's a bowl, does what it's supposed to, seems like it's good quality.

My Favorite Mouth Wash

This mouth wash actually works, doesn't require me to overly fill my mouth with the product, and is much more economical than most anything else out there. My husband even commented that my breath is much fresher after using it. I also like that my mouth doesn't burn from the ingredients. Most of the brands at the store cause my mouth to burn. And a bottle lasts a long time for me. I definitely recommend Pro Formula Cosmetic Fresh Mint Mouthwash. I think that you will love it.

Pet Dental Water Additive
Wyogirl (Gillette, US)
Very Good

I have been adding this to my dogs water since she was a puppy. She is 7 years old now and the vet said her teeth look good. Doesn't need cleaning. I am very pleased with the outcome.

Val O. (Bethel, US)
Have noticed a difference

I can last a bit longer in the day before the pain gets to be too much. I'm hoping for an increased pain reduction as I use the product on a longer trial basis. I do plan to order more to see what happens. Having to take it on an empty stomach is a bit challenging. I take another supplement on an empty stomach. So, it's a timing issue, not something that bothers my stomach. But, because I noticed a difference, I plan to keep using it. It's not a grand difference, but it does help.

16 oz. Pump
Jim Puleo (Plattsburgh, US)
Great Mouth Rinse Love it

Excellent customer service Second to NONE

Keeping My Gums Healthy

Been using for 5 plus years since had gum surgery and recommended by my dentist. No gum problems!

Outdoor Adventure Water Bowl
Sally (Cleveland, US)
Works as described

Works to improve my pet's breath and I've noticed a big difference. Also thank you for the pop up travel bowl!

Pro Relief Dental Gel Soothing Formula
Barbara Balcom (Edmonton, CA)
Best product I have ever come across! Dental Gel & Mouth wash!

Great for canker sores cold sores and just about any discomfort you have in your mouth! Mouth wash is amazing if you have a scratchy throat it seems to clear it up rinse mouth and gargle and in morning things are better! Love the products! Highly recommend!

Unscented Face and Body Wash
Linda Noble Brown (San Rafael, US)
Great stuff

I have been using this product since it first appeared on the market, 30+(?) years ago. Gentle, clean, a product I can trust with my sensitive skin.
My only qualm is that I used to be able to purchase this in a 32 oz. bottle, which they no longer offer. I would prefer the larger bottles, both for convenience and to reduce landfill. Thank you.

Response to Oxyfresh

Product is amazing.... trying to have healthy gums

Pet Dental Water Additive
JC (Edmonton, CA)
Great service

Order came with no problems

Cavity Protection Fluoride Mouthwash
Lynn Burgener (Carson City, US)


All-Purpose Deodorizer
Gayle Matsumoto (‘Aiea, US)

Awesome! Gets rid of lingering cooking odor in the house, especially if you have an open kitchen. Also gets rid of the musty smell on damp days.

Pro Relief Dental Gel Soothing Formula
Kristine (Burlington, US)
Awesome product!!

Exactly as described!! Very soothing!!

Fresh Breath Lemon Mint Mouthwash
mary hill (Corpus Christi, US)
Great product !

I have used this product for many years now and cannot say enough about all of the products. As a pharmacist I wish that I had the products in my store. The oral gel is super for mouth ulcers and the tooth paste is something I can’t live without. Wonderful products.

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