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Best product ever






Ever since using Oxyfresh my teeth have improved so much so the dentist noticed great improvement! I keep using your products! THE BEST!

Great results

Our dog used this regularly until we received a bottle that smelled different. He avoided the water. So, we put it on a shelf and walked away. Later, just before his annual check-up, I noticed tartar on his teeth and decided to try again. The old bottle still was odd-smelling, so I bought another one. His tartar began to disappear and so did the bad breath. I finally called the company about the bad bottle (purchased on Amazon) and they promptly (with confirmation of the troubled lot number) sent me a replacement bottle. That’s excellent service. I’ll buy from them again.

Very smooth and delicious!

Over the years I have become skeptical of shakes that have green foods in them that are billed as delicious. This one however, is totally palatable with only a mild hint of greenness. It was also easy to stir into my almond milk and certainly gave me a nutritious and satisfyingly full feeling . I will be ordering more, but due to its price will only be using periodically rather than daily.

Never going back

I had a sore in my mouth from a root turning out. Nothing would help the sensitivity. For 3 years. One week and it is healed. I will never go back to regular toothpaste or mouthwash!!!

Great Products

I use only Oxyfresh dental products, they are great. I am trying the body wash now and I have been very pleased.

Satisfying product

This Oxyfresh tooth paste & mouth wash is the best we have used.
A referral by a good friend.

Highly Recommended!

I have been using Oxyfresh products for about 18 years. As someone who communicates regularly within close proximity, I need to have confident breath. I strongly recommend the steps of scraping, brushing, flossing, and rinsing with the power rinse and paste. Thank you.

Great dog tooth gel

Really helped my poodles teeth


Awesome mouthwash. A little capful goes along way. I ordered this when I reordered the dog dental water treatment which really works. 💜💜💜

Favorite Cleanser for Face & Body

I love how effective and gentle this cleanser is, and unlike other gentle cleansers I have tried, it has a great lather. I never expected to find a cleanser that I like so much for both face and body, but since trying this, I made a complete switch. This is all I need!

Favorite Mouthwash Ever

I love how this mouthwash is gently yet refreshing. It leaves your mouth feeling clean without any burning or discomfort whatsoever. And it tastes great!

Great product

Does exactly as is described. I haven't been using it very long on my puppies, but it seems to be working well.

Tongue scraper

I have enjoyed and used my blue oolite tongue scraper for ah, well 40 years...or so. I didn't care for the second row on the new ones .I couldn't see the use for it.
Having used the new one I find I like it too. Thank you.


I’ve been using Oxyfresh for over 31 years and I won’t use anything else! Love Oxyfresh!

Great product

Good company

Pro Formula Mouthwash and Pet Water Additive

I have been using the zinc mouthwash for years and got it from my dentist. I love it. The pet additive is new but know it will be great too.


Works as described and I no longer have to fight with my cats to clean their teeth!!!


Excellent product for reducing gum or mouth soreness...especially after Dentist's visit.

Thank you great product

Best on the market

Great for caregivers to use on their patients. I am especially pleased with the Pro Relief Dental Gel. Brushing gently with the mouthwash and applying the Pro Relief Gel has been a tremendous addition to my little cousin's dental hygiene regiment.

Best Ever

I’ve had the best ever checkups at the dental office since using this toothpaste. Plague is no longer an issue. Leaves breath very fresh. Also use the lemon mint mouthwash.


Order filled very quickly and delivered within a few days even over the holidays. Could not ask for better service. Very much appreciated

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